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10 best apartments in islamabad

It is not a hidden reality that due to an increase in the number of people moving from rural areas to the main cities to attain better living standards, real estate has developed tremendously. In this arena, the trend of living in an apartment is elevating, especially in Islamabad upper portion for rent in F-7. Many people buy or rent a flat in Islamabad rather than buying a full-fledged house.

Searching for a perfect apartment is often daunting and sometimes, even an overwhelming task. However, if you are struggling to find an apartment for sale in Islamabad, then don’t fret because I am here to help you out. Having purchased a nice apartment myself a few years ago, I had to go through the trouble of visiting nearly every place that the local property dealers advised me to. Below is a list of the 10 best apartments in Islamabad that I think you can choose from according to what suits you and your budget.

Zarkon Heights

Inspired by the Egyptian geometrical theme, Zarkhon Heights is a pure residential megaproject located in a lush landscape. Zarkhon is indeed a well-planned gated community that is located in sector F-7 and consists of 900 apartments and shop for rent in F-7 are availabe. Oh! And one more thing! If you are planning to buy an apartment, then they have a 6 quarterly installment plan as well.

Silver Oaks Apartments

If you can afford a high–end apartment, then Silver Oaks is the best option for you. It is located in r F-10. The apartments are earthquake-resilient and contain all the amenities. Also, each apartment is designed in a way that it faces natural sunlight. Moreover, there is 24/7 camera surveillance to ensure securityfor flat for sale in F-7.

Gulberg Arena

Located in block A of Gulberg greens, apartments in the Gulberg arena are designed to attain maximum natural light and ventilation. The apartments are just five minutes away from Islamabad Expressway. If you are planning to buy an apartment then it has the option to book a flat and pay the amount in 12 quarterly installments.

Elysium Mall

It is a mixed-use residential and commercial project. Located in sectors G-8 and G-9, the apartments offer a splendid view of the Margalla hills. Also, if you are worried about privacy, then let me tell you that the apartments have separate entrance than that of the shopping mall.

Gulberg Heights

It is another grand venture of the very famous Gulberg Greens. These apartments are a symbol of both elegance and luxury. It has 1, 2, and 3 beds apartments that contain all the amenities making it a place worth living.

Royal Crown

It is another project of Gulberg Greens that is located close to Islamabad Expressway. The building has multiple apartments of various layouts. Also, the booking starts only from a 10% down payment that makes it affordable for people who are planning to buy an apartment in office for sale in F-7.

River Hills

Located in Bahria town phase 7, River Hills presents four distinct residential apartments along with a commercial area. It strives to satisfy the day to day necessities of the residents through its in-house commercial complex.

Capital Icon

Offering a spacious and airy environment, the Capital Icon is a residential apartment project that is located at Islamabad Expressway. It offers 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments along with all the amenities required for lavish living.

Axis Mall

If you are looking for luxury apartments flat for rent in F-7, then Axis mall is the best option for you. Axis mall features not only apartments but also corporate offices and a commercial arena as well. Also, the apartments are close to both the motorway and Kashmir highway.

SkyPark One

Looking for a residential and commercial unit under one roof? Well, search no more because Park One is a project that offers 2, 3, and even 4 bedroom apartments. Located in a lush green area, the apartments with their unique architectural design, make the project an icon for urban infrastructure.

I know you are overwhelmed with multiple options but do not worry! Just visit gharbaar, a website that contains details of all the apartments that I have mentioned above. They also have a team of professionals that will facilitate you in finding an apartment that is in your budget and contains all the necessities that you always dreamt of.

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